❯ Guillaume Laforge


Guillaume Laforge is Developer Advocate for Google Cloud, where he spreads the word to developers about the serverless compute space, service orchestration solutions, and generative AI.

Guillaume is a Java Champion, a co-author of Groovy in Action, and a founding member of the French tech podcast Les CastCodeurs.

Guillaume is the co-founder of the Apache Groovy programming language project, which he led under the umbrella of G2One (a Groovy/Grails startup where he was the VP Technology), then SpringSource, VMware, and the Pivotal spin-off.  When the project joined to the Apache Software Foundation, he was the Chair of the Apache Groovy Project Management Committee (PMC). He is a member of the Micronaut Technology Advisory Board. He initiated the creation of the Grails web application framework, and founded the Gaelyk project, a lightweight toolkit for developing applications in Groovy for Google App Engine.

He is a frequent conference speaker presenting on serverless technologies, microservice orchestration and architecture, machine learning, conversational interfaces, Google Cloud projects & services, Apache Groovy, Micronaut, Web API design, at events like Devoxx and Voxxed Days, JavaOne, JAX, GR8Conf, Greach, DevTernity, QCon, Cloud Next, among others.

Before joining Google, at Restlet (acquired by Talend), Guillaume was taking care of the Product Leadership of the products, and was leading Developer Advocacy. Prior to that, he was leading the Groovy team at G2One, SpringSource, VMware and Pivotal. Before working full-time on Groovy, Guillaume worked as a Software Architect for OCTO Technology, a consultancy focusing on architecture and agile methodologies, where he developed new customer offerings around Groovy and Grails.