❯ Guillaume Laforge

Code name for IntelliJ IDEA 5.0

IntelliJ IDEA 4.0 is not yet out of its Early Access Program phase that a discussion already started in the forums for the code name of the next EAP cycle.

There are already a few propositions for the next code name. Among them:

  • StarGate (hmm, not that good)
  • Avani (which means earth in some indian languages)
  • Stella (which will not be used because it was already used for IDEA 2.0 for those who remember)
  • Avalon (already used by Microsoft’s new UI framework, and the Apache Avalon framework)
  • Rhea (suggested internally at JetBrains by Eugene Belyaev)
  • Aardvark (maybe too harsh to pronounce)
  • Atlantis (mythological sunken island)
  • Athena (greek goddess)
  • Lachesis, Clotho or Athropos (the three moirae)
  • Ananke (necessity), Erebus
  • Vedra (as in Vedra Valles)
  • Miranda (that’s my suggestion, already used by Miranda-IM, and it reminds something to outlaws in the US)
  • Olesya (CVS integration developer), Katja or Laika (first female dog in space)
  • Derivations of Simple (Simplex, Simplicity, SimpleA…)
  • Dione (another Greek goddess)
  • Aphrodite, Athena, Adonis (to stick with “A” and the Greek mythology)
  • Artemida (tiger hunter… JDK 1.5 hunter)
  • Archimedes (another sinking idea…)
  • Revolution (somewhat related to the Aurora cruiser)
  • Banana (quite funny one)
  • Donut (for hungry developers)

I like Miranda, of course, because that’s my suggestion, but I also like Rhea and Ananke, they sound good to my ears. What would you suggest ?