❯ Guillaume Laforge

First OSS-Get Together in Paris

For the first time in Paris, an Open Source Software Get-Together was organized by Vincent Massol of Cactus fame and author of JUnit in Action book. It was a lot of fun to meet him and other French OSS developers. I though we weren’t numerous to work on Open Source projects in France, but after all, it seems I was wrong. Moreover, I was stunned to meet someone working for the same company as myself, and I didn’t even know him! The world is such a small place indeed.

We talked about our different projects on which we are working at night, on our free time. Almost half of us were Maven developers or contributors (Emmanuel Venisse, Arnaud Heritier and Vincent Massol), the other developers present were working on EasyStruts (Emmanuel Boudrant), Twister (Matthieu Riou), JCaptcha (Marc-Antoine Garrigue) and Groovy (myself the Groovy Despot).

For this first meeting (others will come soon) Vincent invited us at the headquarters of Pivolis, an innovating pivotal provider providing offshore development. After that, we went to a restaurant near les Champs-Elysées. We like this concept very much: revamping the world while eating and/or drinking is somewhat part of the French culture.

I was really glad to meet you all guys, and I’m longing to meet you again soon. Now, for the pictures, please click on the more link just below:

Emmanuel and Arnaud

Emmanuel and Matthieu

Emmanuel, Vincent and Arnaud

Emmanuel and Matthieu

Matthieu and Guillaume (doh! that’s me!)