❯ Guillaume Laforge

JetBrains fashion victim

I am a JetBrains fashion victim. I’ve just received my JetBrains TShirt this morning.

It was quite early (say 8 o’clock) for a saturday when I’m used to wake up late late late, especially after coding Groovy late at night… when that damn postman rang at the door. I wanted to slaughter this bastard for waking me up that early… I even wanted to not open the door. But I remembered that I was supposed to receive a TShirt some day, thanks to my participation in a very private society of IntelliJ IDEA affictionados called “Team JetBrains”…

To make a long story short, JetBrains promised us (members of this secret and stealth community) to send us TShirts, but they promised long long ago… But nothing was ever coming. They had issues with the different TShirts makers they contacted and/or contracted. So at the end, we though we would never receive anything. Except our Personal License which we were given early when Aurora was out, thanks to our active participation in the Early Access Programm. The TShirt was our “Arlésienne”…

But indeed, the day has come, and I got this TShirt that you can see on the picture on the left: Yes, that’s me who’s wearing proudly that nice TShirt. This week was quite interesting also because I’ve been awarded a GMail account, thanks to a little game of magic number that Alain Ravet launched. The game was a draw: both Dmitry Lomov (from JetBrains) and me were the closest to the magic number. But Alain’s dog decided between the two. And Dmitry won. But Robert Beeger had another GMail invitation left, so he offered it to the second: me! Thank you Robert for your GMail invitation, I’m very grateful to you.

Now it’s time to have fun, so have a nice Week-end everybody. And thank you very much JetBrains for my TShirt.