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Groovy support in IntelliJ

Kjetil JD submitted a feature request on JetBrains’ tracker for adding Groovy support to IntelliJ:

Integrated Groovy-support
Integrated support for Java bytecode-based scripting languages should be better integrated in IntelliJ. Groovy is the only Java bytecode scripting language that has a backing JSR and should be the first to be implemented with proper support like Java and XML has.

For the moment, the Groovy IntelliJ plugin is somewhat stalled, we didn’t make any progress on that front, so a little help from our JetBrains friends would be most welcome.

So far, at the time of this writing, it’s interesting to note that the feature request received 937 votes, and is already ranked at the 12th position of the most voted features! Thus, if you’re interested in seeing Groovy support in your favourite IDE, please cast your votes on that feature request!