❯ Guillaume Laforge

The Guru of Groovy shares his Thoughts

As stated on Javalobby: “The Guru of Groovy shares his Thoughts”! Well, it seems like I’m that Guru! And that’s been my first official interview. That was a quite fun and interesting exchange of mails between Andrew and me, and it allowed me to develop a few interesting points I never had time to explain.

Andrew Glover, Vanward Technologies’ CTO, is a fan of Groovy. He wrote several great articles on DeveloperWorks in a “Practically Groovy” series". I’ve recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by himregarding Groovy, and here’s what the abstract says:

As the defacto Guru of Groovy, Guillaume Laforge has guided the project through the ambitious JSR migration as well as setting the tone and the climate for the Groovy team. Read on as Guillaume shares his experiences as Groovy’s governor, his thoughts on Groovy’s future and why you should consider giving it a spin.

So if you want to know a bit more about Groovy’s history, present and future, or how I got involved in Groovy, go read it!

Update #1: The interview is also featured on TheserverSide.

Update #2: On java.net as well