❯ Guillaume Laforge

InfoQ: a community news site for the architects

Remember Floyd Marinescu? The founder of TheServerSide? He’s now working hard on a new community news site which has just been unleashed/unlaunched: InfoQ. InfoQ is a community of communities delivering news, articles, interviews, presentations, opinions, and even mini-books on various topics targeting an audience of software and technical architects, project leads and managers. Currently, five communities (or main topics if you prefer) are available:

What’s nice about this concept of communities is that you can very easily subscribe or browse only the content you’re interested in. Moreover, those communities are handled by some famous and reknown contributors, like Scott Ambler for the Agile section, or Obie Fernandez for the Ruby part. The personalization goes even further, because you can also select some sub-topics / tags specific like Architecture, Modeling, Domain-Specific Languages, etc. That’s an orthogonal clustering of information. And with all these nice aspects, everything is so… Web 2.0 ;-) Full of AJAX everywhere, but for the best, not just for the shiny and trendy aspect of it.

During JavaOne 2006, I’ve had the pleasure to have my presentation about “Simplifying Enterprise Development with Groovy” recorded by Floyd, so within a few months, you’ll have the pleasure (or not) to watch me speak about Groovy! InfoQ already published a news entry about Oracle’s decision to participate in the development of Grails and Groovy.

Good luck Floyd with this new endeavour! I’ll be a faithful reader! As a Software Architect in my profesional life, at OCTO Technology, a consulting company focusing on architecture, that was the kind of site I was looking for.