❯ Guillaume Laforge

JavaDay 2006, Groovy spec lead, and wedding

Lots of things are happening to me these days. First of all, I just got married a week ago with the lovely woman I’ve been living with for a few years already. Tug, my friend & Groovy commiter came straight from England to our wedding and took some shots of Stéphanie and me. Thanks a lot to all our family and friends who were so kind to come celebrate this happy moment with us, and to all those who sent us their best wishes.

The second thing is that I’ve just been nominated as the JSR-241 Spec Lead. I hope under this new reign and with the upcoming release of Groovy 1.0, Groovy will be recognized as the de facto and enterprise standard scripting language for the JVM, and perhaps even included in Java 7? Who knows… JDK 6 will bundle Derby… so why not another scripting language… :-)

And the last thing I wanted to mention tonight: I’ll be speaking at the JavaDay 2006 conference at Versailles, France, for a session entitled “Xwiki, Hibernate, Groovy, … The French Java OpenSource Vitality” where you’ll see numerous French chaps from the OSS-GTP group who are active commiters to reknown OSS projects, and who will speak about their pet OSS projects. I’ll also be part of the round table with James Gosling for a “Round Table - JavaOne 2006: Ask The Experts”. This conference is on Thursday, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there!