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InfoQ covers the release of RC-1 and interviews me

InfoQ, the wonderful news site that tracks innovation and change in the enterprise community, has just covered the release of Groovy RC-1. Scott Delap, one of InfoQ’s editors, also seized the opportunity tointerview myself about this release, the situation of the project, present and future.

The Groovy dynamic language and its Grails web framework based on proven and scalable OSS components face a nice success in situations where language expressivity matters, and where rapid development time and compatibility with the Java platform are key to answering customers needs. Groovy and Grails are used for applications ranging from risk computation for insurance companies to Grid Computing solutions for aerospace companies.

This new version slightly improves the overall performance of the platform and proposes a few improvements to the core engine for better compatibility and integration with Java. A good number of bugs have also been fixed while new small refinements have been added to further raise the bar of dynamic capabilities and expressiveness.

I’ll be presenting two sessions at the Spring Experience conference in Florida at the end of the week:

Please come and say hi if you’re around. Also, stay tuned for further info, I might tell you some other very good news at the end of the week!