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Groovy and Grails community site launching...

All about Groovy and Grails on a dedicated community news site! Soon to be launched!

Yes, you read it. There’s going to be a site devoted to everything Groovy and Grails! The news is unleashed, on the streets. At the time of this writing, the site isn’t up yet, but there’s a countdown telling us there’s still 1 day and 16 hours left before http://aboutgroovy.com is open. It will be online just before the start of the Spring Experience conference taking place in Hollywood, Florida. I’ll be speaking there by the way: I’ll be presenting Grails and along with Rod Johnson, we’ll explain how integrating Spring and Groovy together.

On the Groovy mailing-lists, Scott Davis spoke a bit about http://aboutgroovy.com saying it’ll be a dedicated news site, much like Digg, InfoQ or Slashdot.

Scott told us that this site will:

  • spotlight strong blogs like CodeForFun or Craig Walls – of Spring in Action fame
  • cover corporate articles like the ones from Oracle and BEA
  • publish tutorials (Scott Hickey has a nice three article series on bootstrapping a Groovy+Java project with Ant, JUnit, and Cobertura)
  • PDF chapters from Graeme’s excellent book: The Definitive Guide to Grails, and the equally excellent Groovy in Action
  • offer links to screen casts, podcasts, and video interviews

If you’re speaking at a JUG, or if you are working for a company that uses Groovy/Grails extensively and would like to be featured in a case study, they’ll be happy to interview you. You’ll also be able to submit links, write articles, tips’n tricks, cool hacks, you name it.

Icing on the cake: http://aboutgroovy.com is built on Grails 0.3.1! As Scott told us, they’re drinking the kool-aid, and it seems pretty tasty!