❯ Guillaume Laforge

Groovy awarded JAX innovation first prize!

JAX is the most important Java conference in Germany. Every year, the organizers are running a contest to select the most innovative and creative projects. Fromover 40 proposals, the jury selected only ten nominees. Although great projects were selected, like the Matisse GUI builder in NetBeans, or the Nuxeo Enterprise Content Management solution, Groovy won the first prize! It is a great honor and a huge pleasure for us to receive such a prize, especially knowing the cool projects we were competing with, or the past winners like the Spring framework.

Dierk König, author of the best-selling “Groovy in Action” book, received the prize on behalf of the Groovy community, after having presented several sessions on Groovy at this conference. Dierk took a picture of the prize if you want to see what it looks like.

This award proves how innovative, creative and influential the Groovy project is for the Java community. After a 1.0 release this year, and a book, with IDE makers working on IDE plugin support for the language, with many companies betting on Groovy for writing business rules or for scripting their products, with dedicated news sites and feed aggregators, with dedicated conferences and tracks, and with over 10 sessions about Groovy and Grails at the upcoming JavaOne conference, Groovy stands out of the crowd and proves it’s a very successful and mature project.

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank all the Groovy committers and contributors who helped develop this project, as well as the whole Groovy community without which Groovy wouldn’t be as great and as cool as it is today. This award is really to all of you, and you’re all part of this incredible success.