❯ Guillaume Laforge

QOTD: Eclipse is the PC of IDEs when IntelliJ IDEA is the Mac

Funny quote on the Groovy user mailing-list, when someone was complaining that IntelliJ IDEA wasn’t Open-Source:

I want a platform that “just works” i don’t care what it looks like underneath. It is why I have a Mac with Mac OS X and why I use IntelliJ IDEA. Eclipse is the PC of IDEs. When you’re younger and have the time and energy to spend hours settings things up, dealing with driver problems (read plugins), install things over and over and deal with the incomptabilities between different drivers (read plugins) you’re ok with a PC (read Eclipse)

When you get passed this phase and just want to get things done on a platform that doesn’t get in the way and becomes invasive then you choose a platform that does this for you like the Mac (read IntelliJ). It just works out the box and everythig is nicely integrated, including the Groovy plugin ;-)