❯ Guillaume Laforge

G2One: a Groovy and Grails company

As we’ve announced it on the Groovy and Grails mailing-lists today, G2One, Inc. is born. Founded by Graeme Rocher (ex-CTO of SkillsMatter and Grails project lead), Alex Tkachman (ex-COO of JetBrainsmakers of the best Java IDE in the world) and myself (Software Architect at OCTO, Groovy Project Manager and JSR-241 Spec Lead), the company will provide training, support, consulting, and commercial products around Groovy and Grails, making G2One the official source for Groovy and Grails expertise!

It’s going to be a wonderful new adventure. After years spent working on Groovy at nights and week-ends, it’s going to be pretty refreshing, and it’s going to be a great opportunity to shift gears to spread the good word, iron out both projects, and at last working full-time on my pet projects.

groovy, grails, java ee, grails exchangeSpeaking of evangelism a little, I hope you (my faithful readers) won’t miss the Grails eXchange conference next week in London: it’s going to be the place to be to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about Groovy and Grails. It’s not too late to register, so hurry up before it’s too late! It’s a three-day conference featuring three tracks on Groovy, Grails and Java EE/AJAX/Web 2.0. There’s a pretty nice line-up of speakers from Google, Interface21, JBoss, Sun, etc, and the list of sessions really looks awesome to me.

The coming months should be really amazing. First of all, at the end of the week, we’ll release the first release candidate of Groovy 1.1. Then, next week, we’ll be doing the 4th annual Groovy Developer Conference to pave the way for Groovy 2.0. Sun was very kind to host us this year again for this meeting (big thanks to Charlie for helping us). And mid-November, we’ll release Groovy 1.1, a couple of weeks before the final release of Grails 1.0!

The pace of our Groovy world will really increase, my friends.