❯ Guillaume Laforge

The Groovy Zone, community news site for the Groovy and Grails developers

A new source of information on Groovy and Grails has just been launched: the Groovy Zone. Rick Ross et al. have built upon the DZone community-driven linkblog, and JavaLobby, to create various “Zones” on numerous topics like Java, AJAX, CSS, and also Groovy and Grails. Andres Almiray, Steven Devijver and myself have become “zone leaders”, to shepherd the Groovy and Grails content.

We had AboutGroovy where Scott Davis lists on the interesting news in the Groovy and Grails spheres, and Glen Smith’sGroovyBlogs blog aggrgator listing several super interesting blogs related to Groovy and Grails… and now we have the GroovyZone!

I wrote a first little article showing how to transition your Java code into Groovy, showing Groovy’s Java-superset nature while learning a new Groovy feature one at a time. I stole the idea from Andres and Paul who used these kind of samples in their Groovy conference presentations – give to Caesar what is Caesar’s! As time permits, I’ll continue showing some simple examples, to help Java developers get up to speed with Groovy, to make their Java code more Groovy, and to learn new features in each article.