❯ Guillaume Laforge

JavaPolis interview with Guillaume Laforge, Groovy project lead

At JavaPolis ‘07, Dick Wall and Carl Quinn of JavaPosse fame have interviewed Guillaume Laforge, the Groovy project manager, and asked him about:

  • the latest release of Groovy 1.5 and its novelties,
  • more details on the come back of the ‘infamous’ for loop,
  • the support of generics,
  • the inclusion of closures in Java compared to Groovy’s closures,
  • what Grails is and why it matters,
  • how simple it is to leverage Grails in IT’s today infrastructure,
  • the first class support of SQL and XML in Groovy,
  • and also what the future will hold in the upcoming Groovy releases.

Go and view the interview on Parleys.com.