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Griffon shows its claws: Grails-like rich Swing client framework released

The mythical eagle/lion is out the door, with a 0.0 version number! Griffon is a Grails-like framework for building rich Swing client applications (applets, webstart, standalone). Andres was hinting at the first release of this new project, and Danno just announced it officially after having shown some nice preview of what it’s all about by showing a Twitter client built with Griffon.

The Groovy swing team’s long been hard at work to provide you with powerful declarative Swing UIs with the Groovy Swing builder, and they’ve now switched gears to go a big step further by really empowering developers to write, build and distribute clean MVC apps.

So, now, if you want to learn more about Griffon, the best thing to do is to just follow the white rabbit prey:

Congratulations to Danno, Andres and James for their hard work! They’ve been tweeting like mad these past days while getting Griffon ready.

Update: Geertjan wrote some interesting articles on Griffon: