❯ Guillaume Laforge

GroovyMag, the Groovy / Grails magazine is out!

I’m very happy to echo the release of the first issue of GroovyMag, the Groovy and Grails magazine! This is an electronic PDF magazine which will bring you news, articles and tutorials around the Groovy dynamic language for the JVM and the Grails agile web application framework.

As the site shows:

GroovyMag covers a wide variety of topics in the Groovy and Grails world, featuring some of the best and brightest names in the Groovosphere. Our first issue includes a Grails tutorial, a Groovy/Swing tutorial, community news and more.

In this first issue, you’ll find:

  • A preface by Michael Kimsal, the creator of GroovyMag
  • Groovy and Grails community news, and a featured Grails plugin, by Dave Klein
  • A Grails introduction article, by Robert Fischer
  • Builder Swing rich applications with Groovy, by Andres Almiray
  • An opinion piece on Groovy being the future of Java, by Shawn Hartsock
  • An interview of Marcus Irven of Minggl, a company bulding products in Grails

GroovyMag looks very promising, and I wish the best of luck to Michael and its editors, authors and columnists. I also look forward to finding some time to contribute to the magazine myself! Go check it out, it’s worth every cent!