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Lots of Groovy related news!

There’s always a lot of activity around Groovy and Groovy-related technologies, but these days, it’s pretty hot!

First of all, InfoQ released my “What’s new in Groovy 1.6?” article going in depth into all the new features of Groovy 1.6, with explanations and code samples. Please vote for it on DZone (Guerilla Marketing rulezzz)

If you want to attend a Groovy / Grails / Griffon dedicated conference, you should definitely go to the GR8 Conference, in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May. It’s going to rock, with star speakers, hands-on sessions, several interesting benefits in the attendee package, and more. Check it out!

And to finish, there are tons of releases:

And if you’ve got some artistic talent or if you know some talented designers, the Griffon team is still looking for a logo!