❯ Guillaume Laforge

Announcing the GR8 Conference: a conference dedicated to Groovy, Grails and Griffon

I’m pleased to announce here the organization of a European conference dedicated to Groovy, Grails and Griffon:GR8 Conference — Copenhagen — May 2009

The GR8 Conference is an affordable two-day conference taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 18th and 19th 2009, organized by Javagruppen(Danish JUG) and SpringSource, dedicated to the Groovy dynamic language, the Grails web framework, the Griffon Swing framework, and other great technologies — hence the pun and code name GR8.

  • Groovy dynamic language
  • Grails agile web application framework
  • Griffon Swing framework

Speakers and audience

All the sessions and labs of the agenda will be presented by experts in the field and makers of those technologies, and will give you — developers, tech leads and architects — a practical and hands-on experience on all topics covered.


If you register before April 1st, you’ll benefit from our Early Bird rate, whereas after that date, the regular price will apply. So be sure to register in advance, both for the affordable price and because the seats are limited!

Our mission statement

Our goals organizing the conference are the following:

  • Spread the word on those great technologies
  • Help you learn how to best leverage and integrate those technologies
  • Get up-to-speed quickly for developing your next project
  • Make you come back to work proficient and productive with Groovy, Grails and Griffon

Why you should attend

Here are several reasons why you should attend this conference, beyond just learning more about Groovy, Grails and Griffon:

  • Learn directly from the experts
  • Get up-to-speed rapidly on Groovy, Grails and Griffon
  • Meet other enthusiasts and share your experiences with them
  • Foster a community around those technologies
  • Sharpen your skills in a down economy to get ready when the tables are turning back

The benefits

Beyond learning more about Groovy, Grails and Griffon, all attendees will bring back home:

  • a 90-day evaluation license for IntelliJ IDEA, the best IDE for developing with Groovy, Grails and Griffon
  • a chance to win a free SpringSource training on Groovy & Grails, and a discount if you decide to follow one of those training courses
  • coupons for discounts on major Groovy and Grails books
  • a special edition of GroovyMag, the Groovy/Grails/Griffon developer magazine
  • all code samples of the conference on a USB key
  • a brochure on deploying Grails applications in the cloud, on the Morph AppSpace cloud computing platform
  • access to all the video recordings of the sessions on Parleys.com after the conference

We’re looking forward to meeting you at the conference.

The GR8 Conference organizers.