❯ Guillaume Laforge

Write Groovy applications on Google App Engine!

The news has already spread all around, even on our mailing-lists, but let me echo it again here:

Groovy is now supported in the newly released Google App Engine Java platform!

My friend Didier Girard beats me to it and had already blogged about the support of both Java and Groovy (in French). He was quicker than me… or at least woke up earlier than me ;-)

SpringSource’s worked with Google to ensure that Groovy would run well on their platform. Big thanks to the work of Jochen Theodorou, Matt Taylor and myself, for making this possible!

We released Groovy 1.6.1, with key fixes, for that purpose, yesterday, in time for the big news!

If you want to have a go at it, be quick, as they will only allow 10000 developers to access AppEngine Java initially.

I’ve written a tutorial for your first steps for Groovy on AppEngine.

I’ve also written a small Google Maps / Geocoding service / Flickr demo in 90 lines of Groovy code.