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Gaelyk 0.2 released -- a lightweight toolkit for Google App Engine

Gaelyk is a lightweight toolkit for developing and deploying applications on Google App Engine.

As Google recently released an updated version of their Google App Engine SDK, providing support for XMPP/Jabber messaging and Task Queues, I’ve worked on a new Gaelyk version providing support for these new features, with a Groovy touch.

Gaelyk can be downloaded here: http://gaelyk.appspot.com/download/

You can have a look at the latest tutorial updated with coverage of:

  • sending / receiving XMPP/Jabber messages,
  • using Task Queues,
  • also an example of how to do queries on the datastore has been added. Read the tutorial here: http://gaelyk.appspot.com/tutorial/

The Gaelyk website uses that new version of Gaelyk, as well as the latest 1.2.5 SDK for Google App Engine. The Groovy Web Console will also be updated shortly to use that new version.

Have fun with Gaelyk!