❯ Guillaume Laforge

Gaelyk 0.3 released -- a lightweight Groovy toolkit for Google App Engine

Following the conference-driven development principle, right in time for the Devoxx conference and my session with my friend Patrick Chanezon on Google App Engine Java and Gaelyk/Groovy, I’ve just released a new version (0.3) of the Gaelyk lightweight Groovy toolkit for Google App Engine.

This new version fixes a bug, adds some new capabilities, and bring a small change:

  • The Google services bound to the Groovlets and templates through the binding have been renamed (except userService) to remove the service suffix
  • There are some new methods for working with the memcache service, so you can use the map notation (subscript) to access elements of the cache, as well as using the ‘in’ keyword to check whether a key is present in the cache.
  • Since GAE SDK 1.2.6, incoming email support has been added, so Gaelyk 0.3 also adds support for incoming emails.
  • There was an issue since the birth of Gaelyk with sending emails, it has now been fixed.

Please make sure to check the tutorial, as it’s been updated with new sections on these changes and new features.

You can download the latest JAR and the latest template project directly from GitHub.

The Gaelyk website uses that new version of Gaelyk, as well as the latest 1.2.6 SDK for Google App Engine – The Groovy Web Console has not yet to been updated.

Please let me also thank some of the contributors to this release, such as Sean Gilligan, Kazuchika Sekiya, Jinto, for their help with improving the tutorial, and to all those who contributed on the mailing-list or elsewhere. For instance, well done to the Averone company for migrating its website to Gaelyk, or the thePhone4Water website also on Gaelyk!