❯ Guillaume Laforge

Groovy 1.8-final is out the door!

The Groovy development team is really pleased and proud to announce the release of the final version of Groovy 1.8.0!

After a lot of work and efforts throughout four betas and four release candidates, version 1.8 of Groovy has been long in the making, but is packed with tons of new features and enhancements, for your productivity, and your pleasure. In particular, you’ll be happy to learn about:

To get all the details, with code samples, we have prepared an in-depth release notes document. Please have a look at it to learn more about the features listed above, and discover other smaller enhancements as well.

You can download Groovy 1.8 in our JIRA tickets that have found their way into this major release.

We’d like to thank all those who participated and contributed to this release: users, contributors, committers, framework writers, IDE developers, book authors. Without you all, Groovy wouldn’t be the great productive language it is now. And again, without you all, Groovy wouldn’t be surrounded by its vibrant, active and rich ecosystem, giving you advanced tools and frameworks for building web applications (Grails, Gaelyk) or rich desktop applications (Griffon), for building your own projects (Gradle), for testing your projects (Spock, Geb), for tackling the concurrency and parallel problems on our multi-core / multi-processor architectures (GPars), or for improving the quality of your Groovy code bases (CodeNarc for static code analysis, GContracts for design by contract).

Enjoy this release!