❯ Guillaume Laforge

Groovy on GitHub

Groovy completed successfully its move to the Git SCM this summer, thanks to Matthew’s help. For helping everybody get up-to-speed with Git, I’ve added a page about Git on the Groovy wiki.

We also now have a “groovy” organization on GitHub: https://github.com/groovy/groovy-core

Our three main branches have been pushed there: master, GROOVY_1_8_X and GROOVY_1_7_X. But I’ve not pushed the tags though.

The GitHub repository serves as a mirror, and the Groovy despots will be able to regularly push the latest changes to GitHub, and deal with pull requests and such.

Update #1: The branches as well as all the tags have been pushed to the GitHub mirror as well.

Update #2: We’ve even had our first pull requests! Hooray :-)