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Lots of Gradle news and activity

The Gradle project is moving quickly towards its final version and we hear more and more projects adopting or migrating to Gradle for their build and project automation. Gradle founder Hans Dokter pushed very interesting posts those past days:

  • On our way to Gradle 1.0: where he explains the current features being worked on before being able to reach 1.0, with a strong focus on three key aspects: the new dependency cache, the daemon, and performance improvements.
  • In Welcome to the new Gradle dependency cache, Hans details the current critical issues that all other build systems face with the non-reproducability of their builds due to the poor design of the current dependency cache solutions, and then goes on to explain how Gradle’s new solution solves all these problems in an elegant way.

Last but not least, you should also check out the “week in Gradle” column, which will give you the latest news on everything Gradle every week, starting this week, covering the interesting project development, job offerings, appearance at conferences, tweets, articles, and more.

Update #1: Gradle now has a new logo! So I updated the picture in my post as well.

Update #2: There is now a special Roadmap page to see what’s planned for upcoming versions and releases.