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Groovy 1.8.5 and second beta of 2.0 out

The Groovy development team has just announced a joint release of Groovy 1.8.5 and a second beta of the upcoming 2.0 release.
We’d be happy to hear your feedback on the static type checking support and the experimental static compilation as well.
Here’s the official announcement:

The Groovy development team is happy to deliver two new releases as early Christmas presents: Groovy 1.8.5 and 2.0-beta-2.

While we work hard on Invoke Dynamic support, Static Type Checking and some experimental static compilation, we also find time to fix a good load of bugs and some minor improvements, as those two releases here are essentially minor incremental versions.

You can have a look at the tickets closed here, for 1.8.5:

And here for 2.0-beta-2:

You can download both distributions at the usual place:

If you want to play with the experimental static compilation, you can do so by following the instructions from the GEP-10 page:
http://docs.codehaus.org/display/GroovyJSR/GEP+10+-+Static+compilation Look for the “testing” paragraph in the middle of the document, which contains a link to the experimental JAR, as well as some basic explanations.

Thanks a lot to all those who contributed to this release: developers, contributors, users, bug reporters.

On behalf of the Groovy development team, we’d like to wish you a Groovy Christmas and a very Happy New Year.