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Groovy news bits: API additions, contributing to the project, Eclipse plugin

With the recent release of Groovy 1.8.6, Groovy contributor Tim Yates, posted a few blog posts about some of the little useful enhancements that found their way in the release:

Tim also wrote a really great and detailed blog post explaining how to contribute to the Groovy project. Be sure to check it out if you’ve always wanted to contribute to the project. Tim shows how to get started, to propose a new feature or bug fix through JIRA, how to submit a pull request through GitHub, etc.

Tim Yates’ blog is worth subscribing to!

And last but no least, hot from the oven, Andrew Eisenberg from the Groovy Eclipse team covers the latest enhancements to the Groovy Eclipse plugin: with various inferencing enhancements, new quick fixes and quick assists, and more.