❯ Guillaume Laforge

Come to GR8Conf for half the price!

This is this time of the year where all the Groovy hackers and fans are meeting together in Denmark, Copenhagen, for the GR8Conf conference. A conference dedicated to Groovy, Grails, Gradle, Griffon, Spock, GPars and all the Groovy ecosystem. If you’re interested in these technologies or are already using them, this is the opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Also, you’re pretty lucky, because I have a ticket for half the price to offer you! But there’s just one seat I can offer at that price. So if you’re interested, please add a nice comment to this post, that may be fun, or explaining why you’d like to come, and in a few weeks, I’ll tell you who deserves to win this prize!

Ready, Steady, Groovy!