❯ Guillaume Laforge

Why coming to #GR8Conf?

I was reading MrHaki’s interview on the GR8Conf website this morning, and he had some nice words and good points about why it’s important to attend the conference. You get to meet the creators and developers of the projects you’re interested in and have great content (emphasis mine):

I am looking forward to meeting all the great people that make up the Groovy ecosystem. Everybody is always nice, friendly and ready to help. The atmosphere is always nice and laid back.

The presentations always are high level and mostly done by the creators of the projects and frameworks. So the information is really from the source and that means you always get the latest information first at the conference.

And on what attendees should expect (again emphasis mine):

If you are using Groovy, Grails, Gradle or any of the other Groovy-related technologies, or you plan to do so, you should really come to the conference. This is your chance to meet the people that create the great products and use it in their daily development. You will get inside information and experience real-life usage of these technologies.

After the conference you will be inspired and ready to apply your newly learned knowledge in your daytime job or projects.

I’m looking forward to meeting you there!