❯ Guillaume Laforge

Groovy sessions at JavaOne 2012

Monday I’ll be flying to San Francisco for the JavaOne conference, where there will be tons of sessions and BOF speaking about Groovy or mentioning it, and where I’ll be participating at two sessions, one of the novelties of Groovy 2 and the ScriptBowl.

Let me highlight a few of those sessions:

  • What’s new in Groovy 2
    Shameless plug, that’s my session, where I speak about some of the key features of Groovy 1.8, and then quickly delve into the major features of Groovy 2
  • What’s new in Grails 2
    Graeme Rocher will cover and demo the key features of Grails 2.x
  • Griffon, up close and personal
    Andres Almiray will tell us all about the Griffon rich desktop application framework
  • The Groovy Ecosystem
    Again, Andres on stage here, to speak about the many projects built atop Groovy, for your build, for testing and more
  • Walk through Groovy’s AST transformations
    Andres walks us through Groovy’s mechanism to plugin into the compiler to bring powerful compile-time metaprogramming abilities to your classes
  • Design patterns in Groovy
    Venkat Subramaniam revisits classical design patterns as well as new ones
  • Improving your Groovy kung-fu
    Dierk König highlight key features of the Groovy language and nice library you can leverage to make you a better and more productive Groovy developer
  • A common development framework, from JSP to GSP, at CERN
    The CERN research center (the great hadron collider, etc) talk about their usage of Groovy and Grails, with concrete examples, screenshots and more
  • GroovyFX: making JavaFX Groovy
    Jim Clarke and Dierk talk about the GroovyFX library, a thin DSL on top of JavaFX to express your creativity with JavaFX in a nice Groovy idiom
  • Grezi and GroovyFX
    Bertrand Goetzmann and Stephen Chin speak about GroovyFX and show a concrete usage with the Grezi framework, to build powerful visual and interactive presentations
  • ScriptBowl: the battle of the JVM based languages
    I’ll finish with the ScriptBowl, a friendly 2-round battle comparing some of the popular languages of the JVM platform. Hopefully, I’ll try to win again this year, but the competition is tough! Fingers crossed! Come in number to support me and make Groovy win again!