❯ Guillaume Laforge

GPars reaches 1.0!

Václav Pech just announced the final release of GPars 1.0, the concurrency and parallel toolkit for Groovy and Java.

We’ll bundle GPars 1.0 in the Groovy 2.1 distribution coming very soon!

Let me quote some of the key changes and enhancements of this release (quoting from the “what’s new” section of the user guide):

Asynchronous functions

  • Allowed for delayed and explicit thread pool assignment strategies for asynchronous functions
  • Performance tuning to the asynchronous closure invocation mechanism

Parallel collections

  • Added a couple of new parallel collection processing methods to keep up with the innovation pace in Groovy
  • Merged the extra166y library into GPars


  • StaticDispatchActor has been added to provide easier to create and better performing alternative to DynamicDispatchActor
  • A new method sendAndPromise has been added to actors to send a message and get a promise for the future actor’s reply


  • Operator and selector speed-up
  • Kanban-style dataflow operator management has been added
  • Chaining of Promises using the new then() method
  • Exception propagation and handling for Promises
  • Added a DSL for easy operator pipe-lining
  • Lifecycle events for operators and selectors were added
  • Added support for custom error handlers
  • A generic way to shutdown dataflow networks
  • An shutdown poison pill with immediate or delayed effect was added
  • Polished the way operators can be stopped
  • Added synchronous dataflow variables and channels
  • Read channels can report their length