❯ Guillaume Laforge

GPars 1.1 is out

Václav Pech just announced the release of GPars 1.1, the multi-paradigm concurrency and parallel Groovy-friendly toolkit:

The GA release of GPars 1.1.0 has just been published and is ready for you to grab. It brings gradual improvements into dataflow as well as a few other domains. Some highlights:

  • LazyDataflowVariable added to allow for lazy asynchronous values
  • Timeout for Selects
  • Added a Promise-based API for value selection through the Select class
  • Enabled listening for bind errors on DataflowVariables
  • Minor API improvement affecting Promise and DataflowReadChannel
  • Protecting agent’s blocking methods from being called from within commands
  • Updated to the latest 0.7.0 GA version of Multiverse
  • Migrated to Groovy 2.0
  • Used @CompileStatic where appropriate
  • A few bug fixes

You can download GPars 1.1.0 directly or grab it from the maven repo.

Have a lot of fun trying out GPars 1.1.0!