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Groovy Weekly #2

For the second Groovy Weekly column, on the eve of a new year, I’d like to wish you a very Groovy year, and share with you the following links, hoping you’ll have some spare time to look into them while you’re celebrating.


  • A new project appeared on the Groovy ecosystem radar: Grain, announced by Victor Vlasenko on the Groovy mailing-list. Grain is a promising lightweight and yet powerful static website generator for Groovy which purpose is to make demanding site implementation an intuitive and enjoyable. Grain framework is equally well-suited for any static website, whether it is a complex and sophisticated company site or a simple and neat blog. The framework applies elegant website building concepts and allows to develop rapidly by making and seeing changes on the fly.
  • Kunal Dabir created a Lazybone template for creating Groovy libraries readily publishable to Bintray, CI with Travis-CI, with a Gradle build and wrapper, a .gitignore file and more.
  • Last week we mentioned the release of CodeNarc 0.20, and the associated CodeNarc Eclipse plugin has also been released
  • Andrés Almiray released Gipsy, an AST transformation to simplify the use of the Service Provider Interface, similar to the Jipsy annotation processing toolkit he also created:
  • Stergios Papadimitriou shares with us his project, GroovyLab, a MATLAB-like environment for the Java Virtual Machine. GroovyLab is an open source project based on the Groovy language. GroovyLab is efficient and can be an interesting open-source alternative to commercial packages, especially for the scientific community familiar with Java. The article introduces the architecture of GroovyLab and presents some examples of using GroovyLab to do useful work.


Presentations from SpringOne2GX

  • In this presentation on InfoQ, recorded at SpringOne2GX, Burt Beckwith discusses performing transactions in Grails, covering services, customizing transaction attributes (isolation, propagation levels), two-phase commit, using JMS, and testing the code
  • Again recorded at SpringOne2GX, Paul King speaks about leveraging Groovy for capturing business rules, illustrated with various DSLs written in Groovy, highlighting several logic solving APIs and looks at the pros and cons of the various approaches (including tool support, flexibility, lock-in)


Mailing-list discussions



Other news


  • GrailsConf India, organized by IntelliGrape Software, is taking place in New Delhi, India, on January 11th
  • The Call for Papers for the GR8Conf Europe (Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 2nd-4th 2014) and GR8Conf US (Minneapolis, USA, on July 28th-29th 2014) conferences is now open
  • The Call for Papers for the Greach conference (Madrid, Spain, on March 28th and 29th 2014) is also open, till January 31st

Happy New Year!

Almost the end of the year! On behalf of the Groovy development team, let me wish you the best and grooviest year for 2014!