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Groovy Weekly #3

Happy New Year best wishes are still flowing around, and new year resolutions have been sealed, but despite the busy times and good moments spent with our families, the Groovy ecosystem is still abuzz with news! You’d think it’d be a quiet third edition of the Groovy Weekly column, but no, we’ve all been busy with Groovy stuff! So what’s in store?


  • Ratpack 0.9.0 has been released
  • Peter Ledbrook published version 0.6 of Lazybones with support for multiple template engines
  • Gernot Starke released v1.0 of pdfStamper, a small Griffon / Groovy-based utility to add page / chapter / header to pdf files
  • Ken Krebs released his version of gsheets, a lightweight DSL wrapper over Apache POI, that is intended to make extracting data from, or pushing data to spreadsheets simple and declarative. It can be used with Groovy 1.8, Grails 2 and Java 6+.
  • Yoshiya Hinosawa created a Gradle plugin for CoverAlls.IO, a service which gathers your code coverage for history and analytics purpose



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