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Groovy Weekly #5

We all know the Groovy community is super active, buzzing with useful projects in the ecosystem, but it’s always interesting to see how our projects evolve in terms of usage. Guillaume Laforge, project lead of Groovy, computed some download statistics for Groovy, and showed Groovy almost doubled its downloads, from 1.7 million downloads in 2012 up to 3 million downloads in 2013! All that, thanks to the hard work of the Groovy core team and the friendly and supportive community.


  • Grails 2.3.5 has been released
  • Keegan Witt announces the GMavenPlus 1.0 release, which offers the best support for building Groovy projects when using Maven



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Other news

  • As usual, the the Grails Diary is out, week 4 of 2014, by Jacob Aae Mikkelsen



  • A report on the first Grails Conf India conference organized by IntelliGrape
  • The Call for Papers for the GR8Conf Europe (Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 2nd-4th 2014) and GR8Conf US (Minneapolis, USA, on July 28th-29th 2014) conferences is now open
  • The Call for Papers for the Greach conference (Madrid, Spain, on March 28th and 29th 2014) is also open, till January 31st

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