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Groovy Weekly #7




  • Hubert Klein Ikkink, alias MrHaki, presented Getting Groovy, at GR8Conf Europe 2013.
  • Ken Kousen advises Java developers how to do similar tasks in Groovy: building and testing applications, accessing both relational and NoSQL databases, accessing web services, and more.
  • At GR8Conf US 2013, Craig Atkinson presents the advantages of using the Geb functional testing library for creating robust and readable tests with both JUnit and Spock, and configuring Geb for testing across multiple browsers.
  • Recorded at GR8Conf US 2013, Kyle Boon reviews 3 frameworks for building RESTful WS (Grails, Dropwizard and Ratpack), comparing their code readability, maintainability, deployment, metrics collection, scalability and testability.
  • At SpringOne2GX 2013, Joe Rinehart discusses some of the essential security topics for Grails (and Java) Web applications, showing how Grails can make life easier and the pitfalls of attempting to secure highly dynamic code.
  • Ryan Vanderwerf explains setting up Terracotta and clustering a Grails application using Ehcache, HTTP Session in Tomcat, and Quartz. Recorded at GR8Conf US 2013.

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