❯ Guillaume Laforge

Groovy Weekly #18

The Easter bunny is delivering the latest Groovy Weekly column!

With your chocolate eggs, you’ll get some bits of functional programming, a tutorial on Groovy traits, details of the JSON serialization performance improvements, and also get the chance of voicing your feedback on things like Groovy’s support of Java 8 lambda syntax, on the Ratpack async support, and more.


  • groovy-comprehension is a groovy extension module / AST transformation which provides simple list comprehension functionality similar to that of Haskell, Scala or Python. Under the hood it’s a ‘monad’ comprehension but you don’t care about it for use.


  • Guillaume Laforge gave a brand new presentation on Groovy, at Devoxx France 2014, covering the novelties in the upcoming Groovy 2.3 release
  • Cédric Champeau spoke about Gradle vs Maven at the Devoxx France 2014 conference last week. The slides are in French, but even if you’re not speaking it, you should get some interesting tidbits from the code samples and links



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  • James Foley is currently looking to network with an experienced (3 years plus) Groovy/Grails Application Developer for an excellent on going contract OR contract to hire scenario. 100% Remote opportunity!