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Groovy 2.3.3 and Groovy 2.4-beta-1 with Android support

The Groovy team is very happy to announce the joint releases of Groovy 2.3.3 and Groovy 2.4-beta-1.

Groovy 2.3.3 is a bug fix release, particularly covering the recent issues discovered around anonymous inner classes. Please upgrade to 2.3.3 if you’ve been facing such issues.

Groovy 2.4.0-beta-1 comes pretty early, as we would like to come back to releasing milestones on a more regular pace, compared with how late we released the first beta of Groovy 2.3. We really want you, our users, to be able to give us feedback as soon as possible!

The key aspect of Groovy 2.4.0-beta-1 is that it’s the first version of Groovy that officially provides support for running Groovy on Android.

You can learn more about the Groovy support for Android in those two articles from Cédric’s blog, and the Groovy Android Gradle plugin:

You can have a look at the JIRA release notes:

You can download both versions from our download area.

Have a look at the latest documentation for Groovy 2.3.3, and don’t hesitate to contribute to it, your help will be more than welcome.

Groovy developers, Grails developers, and other members of the Groovy ecosystem met in Copenhagen last week for a Groovy DevCon meetup (kindly sponsored by GR8Conf Europe) to speak about the ongoing development of Groovy. You might want to have a look at the notes of the meeting, to learn more about our discussions and what we’ll be working on for Groovy.