❯ Guillaume Laforge

Groovy Weekly #27

This week, I’d like to highlight how you can contribute to the Groovy project!

The Groovy core team is a very small team, compared to the huge team a company like Oracle puts behind Java and the JVM, or Microsoft behind its languages and the .Net platform. So all contributions, in any form, count, and are important to the success and evolution of the Groovy language.

If you want to contribute to the code of Groovy, Cédric Champeau recorded a screencast showing how you can set up IntelliJ IDEA to be able to work on the Groovy codebase.

But another key area we’ve been working on for a while is the new Groovy documentation. Peter Ledbrook detailed how you can help us author some sections of the documentation. Like Peter, you can dedicate a bit of your time on a topic of your choice, to further deepen your understanding of a particular area of Groovy and share your knowledge with your peers.

We’re really looking forward for your contributions!








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