❯ Guillaume Laforge

A new Groovy website in beta

The past few weeks, the Groovy team has been working on a new website for the project.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to its beta: http://beta.groovy-lang.org.

The website is actually a Groovy and Gradle application that you can fork and help us improve! So don’t hesitate to contribute fixes for things like typos or broken English, or suggest new relevant sections, etc. Your help will be welcome. Notice the “improve this doc” buttons on all pages which lead you to the relevant Github page that you can edit live, inline, on Github (if you’ve got an account already).

This initial design prototype was created by Damien Vitrac, who also designed the Grails website. Big thanks to Damien for this great work!

The site is currently in beta, awaiting your feedback, and some further minor improvements. You will notice also some links in the documentation leading to 404s as we still have Asciidoctor documentation to write. This is also an area where authors are welcome to give a hand; if there are particular topics you’d like to work on, please raise your hand.

Once we’re happy with the state of this website, and also with the related documentation that still needs to be written and linked to, we’ll be switching from beta to official mode, and www.groovy-lang.org will become the new home for the Groovy project. The old wiki documentation from Confluence will be frozen and available in PDF form should you need it.

We’re looking forward to your feedback, your suggestions, and more!