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Groovy Weekly #29

Keywords for today: beta Groovy website, Gradle roadmap, GR8Conf presentations!

It’s a launch day! The launch of the beta of the Groovy website, mentioned in the news section (and also a bug fix release with Groovy 2.3.4).

In the article section, you’ll find the link to Hans Dockter’s latest post on the Gradle forums which details what you can expect from future Gradle versions, and it’s very promising: think performance, parallelization, caching, sharing and tooling!

In the presentation section, the GR8Conf Europe crew has been editing and publishing the videos of presentations given at last month conference in Denmark. So you have a few hours worth of Groovy content to watch! Also for those in the US, don’t forget that GR8Conf US is fast approaching, at the end of the month!




Presentations — GR8Conf Europe 2014 videos

Google+ post


Code snippets