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Groovy Weekly #33

You probably remember Groovy and Gradle being selected in RebelLabs’ report as part of the 10 “kick-ass” technologies developers love? But I’m also happy to report that Groovy won the Geek Choice Award, showing how groovy Groovy is!

GR8Conf US 2014 last week is delivering tons of great videos and materials from all the speakers that came to the conference, and I hope you’ll find time to watch a few. My personal highlight was the great Q&A talk by Scott Hickey and Jim McGill on looking back into 9 years of using Groovy at a big US insurance company. Don’t miss it!

Also, if you missed GR8Conf US 2014, remember there’s SpringOne2GX fast approaching, and the early bird price for registering to the conference ends August 9th, so be quick!

Last but not least, the Groovy Weekly schedule will slow down a little this month, as I’ll take some vacations! So I might be skipping a beat or two in the agenda, but fear not, Groovy Weekly will come back in full force in September!





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