❯ Guillaume Laforge

Groovy Weekly #34 back from vacations!

After a long summer break, it’s high time we resume Groovy Weekly, and come back to our every-Tuesday agenda! Get ready for lots of content!

If there were one particular item of news I’d like to highlight in this edition, that’s the news about the New York Times that is going to use Groovy and its Android support (in the upcoming Groovy 2.4), as well as RxJava, to revamp its Android application to make more “reactive”.

Speaking of Groovy 2.4, it’s interesting to note that the new beta released today reduces the bytecode size, by not generating unneeded methods anymore. This should make Android developers happy, since they are overal limited in the number of methods in Android applications.

Next week will be pretty Groovy in Dallas, as the SpringOne2GX conference will be on. Perhaps we won’t have yet much news and presentations to share next Tuesday, but the following week will list all the great content and news happening at the conference. If you’re around, don’t hesitate to tell hi!





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  • Following up a question on the Groovy mailing-list about how to disable @Grab, Guillaume Laforge created a small sample project showing a global AST transformation that generates compilation errors when the @Grab or @Grapes annotations are used in a Groovy script
  • A Groovy puzzler in the “daily WTF” about input validation