❯ Guillaume Laforge

Groovy Weekly #56

Congrats to the GrooScript team with the GrooScript 1.0 release! With GrooScript, if you will, you can have a full Groovy experience, from the build (Gradle), backend (Groovy, Grails, Ratpack), mobile (Groovy on Android), up to the front-end web layer with Groovy translated into JavaScript!

Another impressive and widely acclaimed release is the first milestone of Grails 3! You can have a look at the novelties in Grails 3, and watch a screencast about it.

The Ratpack team has also been pretty busy with Ratpack 0.9.13, with over 17k lines of code changed in this release!

Guillaume Laforge also announced that Groovy was downloaded over 4 million times from Maven Central, without even counting the downloads of the binary distributions from Codehaus or Bintray. In total, Groovy will likely be beyond 5 million times in total, compared with 3 millions the past year.







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