❯ Guillaume Laforge

Groovy Weekly #60

This round number edition is pretty busy!

Last week ended with a pretty sad note, with the news of Leonard Nimoy’s passing, the famous vulcan extraterrestrial from Star Trek. This certainly resonates with the Groovy community (and geeks & fans out large) because of our very own Spock testing framework. So let’s all gather and have a thought for this great actor and for his family.

But as a tribute to this great actor and character, the long awaited news is that the Spock testing framework releases its 1.0 version!

Still about releases, Griffon 2.2 is out! As well as the last milestone of Grails 3 before it reaches release candidate status.

Following up the loss of funding for the Groovy and Grails projects, Guillaume Laforge, lead of Groovy, joins Restlet, a startup dedicated to API software.

Another important news for the Groovy community is the closing of Codehaus, which was the birth place of many projects from the ecosystem, including Groovy, Grails, Griffon, GPars, Geb, and others. All projects with some assets remaining there will have to migrate them before mid-May.

I’d like to congratulate Tim Yates for being so awesome and helpful on Stack Overflow, as he’s accounted that he replied to 14% of all questions tagged Groovy!







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