❯ Guillaume Laforge

Groovy Projects intends to join the Apache Software Foundation

The Groovy team is happy to announce its intention to join the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

Following up the recent announcement from Pivotal to end funding of full time developers for the Groovy programming language project, the team thought it would be appropriate to demonstrate to the Groovy community that the project is here for the long term, regardless of any funding from particular sponsoring organizations and regardless of any changes to the team of committers over time.

We had several discussions both online and offline with representatives of various foundations, in particular with the Eclipse Foundation, the Software Conservancy foundation and the ASF.

We’ve been very grateful for the time and advice given by everybody, our users, committers to projects of those foundations, board members, etc. Those discussions have been very fruitful and enlightening. Those foundations are all very interesting and could be a great fit for the project, even if all have their pros and cons, of course. But overall, the Apache Software Foundation is the one that appears to be the best candidate considering our constraints and our philosophy.

We will soon start the process of submitting a proposal for incubation. If the proposal is accepted, the discussions we had on the mailing list highlighted some grey areas that we are going to deal with during that incubation process and we will be very happy to work with our mentors to make sure Groovy remains a major OSS project in the JVM ecosystem.