❯ Guillaume Laforge

Groovy 2.4.2 and 2.3.11 released

The Groovy development team is happy to announce the bug fix releases of Groovy 2.4.2 and Groovy 2.3.11.

For the 2.4.2 release, some key performance improvements have found their way in static compilation mode, so you might be happy to see your programs snappier!

Along with those two releases, you’ll notice lots more documentation has been written on the new Groovy website, as well as important updates to existing topics. You might want to have a look at the following new or improved sections:

Note that it might be the last releases under the Codehaus era, as Groovy is currently being voted for incubation at the Apache Software Foundation. The vote is ongoing right now, as I write those lines, so we should know pretty soon what’s the outcome, and if Groovy is accepted or not! So far… only positive votes!

You can:

Thanks a lot to all who contributed to those releases, and thanks for your support of Groovy and your positive feedback on our move to Apache!

Keep on groovy’ing!