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Groovy Weekly #66

We’re only mid April but what a year it’s been so far! From Groovy & Grails’ loss of funding, leading Grails to a new home at Object Computing Inc. and Groovy at the Apache Software Foundation, to Guillaume Laforge joining Restlet and Cédric joining GradleWare. Against all odds, Groovy released its 2.4 version with the Android support, and the big 3.0 release of Grails saw the light of day. And on another personal note… I’ve finished my first marathon! What’s next for the rest of the year?

With the Greach conference just over, there’s a lot of great and groovy content available in the presentations section! Take your time to have a look at this impressive lineup and interesting material.

Speaking of conferences, rush to buy early bird tickets for GR8Conf Europe! You only have till tomorrow!

As in the previous edition, I’d like to remind you about the following infrastructure changes, as we move the Groovy project through the incubation process at Apache: the JIRA issue tracker has moved, and don’t forget that the Groovy mailing-lists are also moving.





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