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Groovy Weekly #73

It’s definitely not Tuesday, but nonetheless, lots of accumulated great and Groovy content to share with you all! It’s not easy to keep up the pace, sorry for the irregular timing of this column — I might have to remove the “Weekly” part of the name! But you won’t regret this edition, packed with so much content!

Already one month gone by since GR8Conf Europe 2015, but we have content to share about the event! And GR8Conf US 2015 is happening soon too! We also have presentations and videos from Gradle Summit and Greach 2015.

Guillaume Laforge tweeted about the recent download numbers of the Groovy project: for the first 6 monts of the year, Groovy was downloaded 4.5 million times (1 million through Bintray and 3.5 millions through Maven Central). In 6 months, Groovy was downloaded as much as the full year of 2014!

Another big milestone is the release in print of the second edition of Groovy in Action! Lots of fans tweeted their “ReGinA selfies!





  • Andrés Almiray interviewed at Greach about the Griffon ecosystem (in Spanish but subtitled in English)




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