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Groovy Weekly #74

Although on a more irregular schedule, Groovy Weekly continues in the summer with its 74th edition, crossing the bar of the 3000 total news items tracked since it all started!

Some interesting releases for this edition, like the Groovy 2.4.4 release under the Apache umbrella! After a failed attempt, our second try was succesful, and it was particularly important to get it right out the door, as an important security issue uncovered was fixed in this release, and all Groovy users (and frameworks and libraries using Groovy) should upgrade as soon as possible — especially as no older version will be released with the patch.

In the release section, last time, I had forgotten Griffon 2.3.0 which was released on stage at GR8Conf Europe by Andrés Almiray. And in other releases, we also have Grails 3.0.3 with important reloading improvements, Geb 0.12.0 which celebrated its 5th anniversary, and also Codenarc 0.24 that I had forgotten the previous edition as well.

It looks like Slack is really becoming very popular as both Grails and Ratpack opened Slack channels!






  • Groovy 2.4.3 and below was affected by a security issue that has been fixed in Groovy 2.4.4. Projects should upgrade to 2.4.4 as soon as possible to avoid this security issue to be leveraged by malicious attackers.
  • Jacob Aae Mikkelsen Grails Diary week 25 to 28
  • Jacob Aae Mikkelsen’s Grails Diary week 29
  • Mockito is bringing some better support for Groovy classes



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